Module: H200 Style, Air Open Spring Closed


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The NB7K module is an air open, spring closed H200 style. It is comparable to Nordson® 272282, 276119, 326583, 331979, 1048115, 1052925, X272282, x276119, ITW CM1200 and CM1240. Our modules are built in house and feature an adjustable set screw on top to increase or decrease the spring tension so that you have better control over the flow of your hot melt. O-rings and mounting screws included.
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OEM Part Number(s):
Nordson® 272282
Nordson® 276119
Nordson® 326583
Nordson® 331979
Nordson® 1048115
Nordson® 1052925
ITW Dynatec / LTI® CM1200
ITW Dynatec / LTI® CM1240
Nordson® X272282
Nordson® X276119

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