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“I found Indemax while looking for an alternative for the hot melt hoses we have installed in our custom designed case sealing equipment. Indemax was very helpful in creating a custom built hose that better withstands the conditions of our application. In our case, the stock hot melt hoses were breaking very frequently due to a tight turn radius and this single change to Indemax hoses saved the project. All of that, at a better price than the stock hoses supplier! Thanks for your service and support.” Quan C.

“I stumbled on Indemax while sitting in the lobby of a customer about 15 years ago. I saw an ad in a trade publication and I ripped it out. That simple act has saved me thousands of dollars. I had presumed that I was locked into buying from the OEM for my hot melt replacement parts. When I found Indemax all of a sudden, I was paying hundreds less for the IDENTICAL part many of which were sourced from the same source as the OEM. All they lacked was the OEM markup. On top of that, the folks there, particularly Rich, could not have been more helpful. Stuff goes out the same day. It all just works well and there is a lot more money in my business account thanks to them. ” Mark

“Very good products and service.” Jaime (Mexico)

“Thank you for your fast response and getting our order out the door the same day. The parts are on the machine and we’re back in operation. Running a maintenance department I frequently order replacement parts for all kinds of machinery and I rarely encounter such a high level of service, knowledge, and dedication. Thank you, again.” Chris (West Chicago, IL)

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