Heated Hose: 4 Foot


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The A904N heated hose is our replacement to Nordson® 244441, x244441, 273374 and x273374. The A904N also replaces the Slautterback® 21071, 21071-N, 21071-R,21432, 21205, 21205-N and 21205-R. It is a heated 4 ft hose with built in thermistor, round plug for machine end and leads for gun/applicator. Factory rated and tested, our heated hoses get up to your desired temperature all while utilizing energy efficient insulation to keep your hot melt flowing. These hoses are backed with our 6 month warranty.

OEM Part Number(s):
Slautterback® 21071
Slautterback® 21205
Slautterback® 21432
Nordson® 244441
Nordson® 273374
Slautterback® 21071-N
Slautterback® 21071-R
Slautterback® 21205-N
Slautterback® 21205-R
Nordson® X244441
Nordson® X273374

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Weight 8 lbs
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1-5 ft.

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