Gun: Complete, (Air Open/Spring Close ), 120 Ohm Nickel RTD Sensor, 240V


Indemax Part #: 4LP23K Category:


The 4LP23K is our replacement for Nordson® 224947,276541 and ITW CG7290. The complete gun/applicator comes with everything that you need to get back to applying your product. The LP stands for low profile body. It comes equipped with cord set and 2300 series plug,RTD sensor and heater cartridge. Mounted on the body is four of our NB7K air open spring closed adjustable modules.. Backed with our 6 month warranty and competitive pricing. Keep your hot melt flowing and reduce down time!

OEM Part Number(s):
Nordson® 224947
Nordson® 276541
ITW Dynatec / LTI® CG7290

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Weight 5 lbs


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