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      Custom Heated Hoses
      Request a Quote Below. 24 Hour Turnaround.
      Most Custom Hoses Completed in 5-7 Days. Rush Delivery Available.

        Your special heated hose requirements are welcomed by us. We've joined with our customers in designing products that meet THEIR needs.

        We have one department that does nothing but make special heated hoses - it's normal for them - therefore, delivery problems are not an issue.

        We've made 90' heated hoses, heated hoses that have 4" inside diameters and hoses that reach 600°F.

        We've made heated hoses to convey:

        • LIPSTICK
        • CHOCOLATE
        • ANIMAL FAT
        • PAINT
        • ANIMAL BLOOD
        • JELLY
        • URETHANE
        • TAR
        • WATER
        • OIL
        • STEAM
        • DIESEL FUEL
        • SOLVENTS
        • INK
        • ASPHALT
        • And - Oh Yes - HOT MELT ADHESIVE

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